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image/svg+xml Beginner

Basics are geared toward beginners, those who are looking to learn the correct techniques for serving, passing, setting, offense, defense, etc. I cover everything from where to contact the ball when passing to basic volleyball terminology to setting footwork to how to jump serve. These topics and more aren’t just for beginners, but I felt them to be entry-level.

image/svg+xml Intermediate

Intermediate level topics are all about taking your game to the next level. Some examples include: effective playcalling in a 5-1 offense, establish the 1, passing sets the tempo, aggressive serving, and using the freeball the right way. These are topics for people who play volleyball at a competitive level who are looking to move up the ladder.

image/svg+xml Advanced

Advanced level topics are purely mental, as there’s no more technique to be “learned,” things like: Baiting the middle with set variance, identifying weaknesses in defenses, forcing your opponent into poor attacking decisions, and a ton more; the things where technique is basically mastered and it’s more important to focus on the mental aspects of volleyball.

Looking to improve at your position?


The all-around: passing, setting, swinging — all your wheelhouse.

Opposite Guides


The nail: get the ball up at all costs, the closer the target, the better.

Libero Guides

Outside Hitter

The rock: well-rounded on both offense and defense.

Outside Hitter Guides

image/svg+xml Setter

The brain: analyze, choose the attack, and orchestrate the kill.

Setter Guides

Middle Blocker

The wall: if all goes well, you’ll never need to attack.

Middle Blocker Guides

Understand Volleyball at a Higher Level

image/svg+xml Volleyball Strategy

Learn about defensive schemes, alternating tempo, establishing the middle, and more with our articles about strategy.

image/svg+xml Volleyball Technique

Learn (or review) all the major volleyball fundamentals, including correct footwork, identifying bad habits, and keys-to-look-for.

image/svg+xml Volleyball Mentality

Focus and rhythm are essential. Good technique is paramount, but keeping a good mental helps you execute.

Coaches: Take Your Team to the Next Level

Volleyball Drill - Freeball - Gif
Example Drill: Freeball
C-Coach • S-Setter • MB-Middle • OH-Outside • L-Libero • OP-Opposite

Team Analysis

Knowing your teams strengths and weaknesses allows you to identify and develop the correct strategies and KPIs. Learn about what to look for and how to best improve your team.

Coaching Volleyball →


Drills are the key to improving both and individual players your team as a whole. Browse our drills archive to help improve serve-receive, communication, hitting, serving, and more.

Volleyball Drills →

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Who am I?

Joseph Valle

I’ve been a setter for 20 years: high school, J.O. club, college, and adult leagues. I’ve created club teams and coached both men’s and women’s volleyball. Most of my friends play and coach volleyball and hey — since I build websites for a living, why not make one about volleyball?

Why create Short Float?

Because the internet sucks.

No website I’ve found discusses in-depth tactics for volleyball. Most only cover the basics and offer paid-for e-books without promise of any higher level discussion. Short Float is a resource for understanding volleyball at a deeper level.

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